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The Earl Group is an international conglomerate of inimitable 40 years of experience in the mining industry, specializing in investments in exploration, mine development, production, technical services and precious metal trade.


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Our Beijing and Xian subsidiaries serve as the pools of skilled labour to man the rest of the businesses of other subsidiaries across the globe. In other words, mining talents are supplied from these hubs. Whereas China’s Hong Kong subsidiary does the financial engineering to fund all operations worldwide, the Canada subsidiary group provides high-end mining technical support services. That of the Dubai subsidiary has its focus on the trade of precious metals.

The Ghana branch of the Earl Group hosts most of the gold mining tenements. It is in this centre that the exploration, development and production of gold is done.


The Earl Group Ghana project is headquartered in Accra. Already, huge investments have been made having acquired twelve (12) gold mining tenements, each strategically falling along anyone of the four gold belts of Ghana. Eleven of these are under prospecting and will soon transition to the mining leases upon submission of geological data and application for same.

The Gbane gold mine is in full production. Until present, the mine take area was only 50 acres which produced an average daily output of 800 tons of ore. Prospects of this small area served as the impetus to the acquisition of a large scale mining lease of 16.02 Sq.Km area in the Gbane area of the Upper east Region of Ghana.  It is estimated that when full scale large scale production kicks off, the daily average throughput will be in excess of 2,000 tons.

Three other prospecting rights closer the Gbane mine have been acquired. These also sit on the historically rich Bole-Nangodi belts. At present, the mineral resources exploration for these areas have been preliminarily completed, with manifestations of huge amount of resources. A total of 100,000 geochemical soil samples, 150,000 meters of core drilling and 360,000 meters of reverse circulation drilling have been explored portending huge economic deposits.

It is expected that by the end of 2022, all these four tenements will witness a common take-off in production. Their production shall be measured and equated to the design capacity of the processing plant already installed in the Gbane gold project.


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